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Mountain Rye Sourdough 700g

Mountain Rye Sourdough 700g

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One of our most popular and enduring breads, Mountain Rye is baked to the same traditional German recipe as the Rye Sourdough that produces the authentic taste and texture of a European bread.  Only rye grain is used with a natural sourdough fermentation.  Caraway seeds, fennel seeds and coriander add the extra taste sensation that keeps our customers coming back for more.  A real taste of Europe in New Zealand.

Rye breads can be eaten hot or cold and in Europe they are very thinly sliced and eaten as part of a traditional breakfast with cold meats and cheeses.  The whole rye grain produces and exceptionally high fibre bread so you can enjoy the health benefits without compromising on taste.


Organic Rye, Spice Mix (Fennel, Caraway, Coriander), Salt, Water

Contains gluten. 
May contain soy, sesame.
We take great care in following our allergen control procedure, as such the risk of cross contamination is low. 


Mountain Rye Sourdough is best kept in a cool dark place to allow it to develop it's outer crust and ripen the flavour of the moist inner crumb.  This bread can be frozen, but we suggest slicing first and storing in a freezer grade bag.

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