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Organic Wholegrain Bread

As organic wholegrain bakers we mill our flour fresh before each bake. Our wholegrain Rye and Wheat flour is made from certified organic grains and includes the best parts of the grain - the germ and the husk. These grains are well renowned for their B-vitamins, minerals, germ oil, lecithin and roughage. 

Our bread is then made the ‘old fashioned’ way. Prepping the dough overnight to allow a proper fermentation process. This allows the grains to open up to give its full natural sweetness & flavour, and releases the minerals bound up inside it. During this natural way of leavening, the bread becomes more digestible, stays fresher for longer and retains the rich moistness 

What Makes it Rise?

We make all our own starters in the bakery and they vary according to the bread being made. Rye breads have a rye sourdough starter and the gluten free breads have a gluten free starter. The Four Seed and the Hazel & Walnut breads have a different backferment process which has it's own special starter. Much of the skill of the bakers rests with understanding how the different starters work and behave - they do sometimes have a mind of their own and respond differently at different times of the year and with different batches of flour. 

Starters are made by mixing grain and water and allowing it to ferment. This means no yeast or other raising agents are needed.

Traceability of our ingredients is key

For us, it means knowing where our grain is grown and how that farm impacts its environment.

As a locally owned business, we want to source certified organic ingredients where possible or ingredients grown by organic principles. This means we have faith that the ingredients are grown using no harmful sprays, circular ecosystems and fairly paid wages throughout the supply chain, 

We are also strong believers in locally sourced ingredients and are lucky to live in the fertile flat lands of the Canterbury plains. Our Rye is delivered straight off the farm in Methven and the likes of our Hazelnuts, Walnuts, Rye Flakes and Barley Flakes are grown within 50km of our bakery. We know these growers by name and regularly visit their fields to ensure the integrity of their processes.

Care at every step of the process

We've been bakery bread for over 28 year and we take pride in every loaf we make. Our factory is regularly audited and approved by 'The Ministry of Primary Industries'. Our bakers are classically qualified and have a passion for making food from scratch and to the highest level. We use state of the art ovens, cleaning processes and use regular external testing to ensure we reduce any health risks to you the consumer.

While we use Gluten in our factory, we also have a Gluten Free range. Rest assured we have a rebust process in place to ensure contamination in the baking process. All our gluten free items are stored well away from the gluten items and our gluten free items are first in the process each baking run. We use separate baking pans and cooling racks for every loaf. We must be up front though and say there may sometimes we traces of both gluten and nuts in our gluten free products due to making the same items within the factory

How we pack the way we do

Our regular wrapping is in a perforated bag which allows bread to breathe whilst remaining hygienic during the transit and storing phase. Our bread is NOT packed with E numbers so it remains a loaf to keep the goodness locked in

Our bread bags are 'LDPE' plastic and can go into 'Soft Recycling Plastic' stations where available (In most Countdown supermarket stores). They are also good for keeping veggies fresh.

We don't use compostable packaging yet due to there being no commercial composting facilities in New Zealand.

If you prefer paper wrapping, it can be requested at the time of ordering.

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