How do I keep my bread fresh?

No Preservatives - No Additives! How to keep your bread fresh

All our breads are packaged in perforated bags which allow them to breathe. As living breads, it is important that they do not get too hot so the perforations allow air to circulate, keeps bread fresh, allows the bread to mature as well as minimising the chance of mould developing.

Once your bread is at home, it will be quite happy in its own bag, wrapped in a clean tea towel, a cotton bag or even a sheet of paper. 

In warmer weather breads need to be kept in a cool airy place out of direct sunlight. Humid conditions will provide a great enviroment for mould to develop so make sure that you are not keeping it in a bread bin on the bench in the sunlight!

Gluten Free breads and those with Nuts and Seeds in are particularly suceptible to mould in warm and humid climates, so will last better in the 'warmest' part of the fridge.


Many customers buy bread in bulk for freezing. To make sure your bread stays in perfect condition follow these simple tips;

  • If you are the only one in the the house hold eating it, slice the loaf in half, or even individual slices, before freezing so that you can defrost small amounts at a time

  • Firmly DOUBLE WRAP bread before freezing in a frost proof bag and seal it as tightly as possible. Perforated bags are good for keeping fresh bread fresh, but not good for keeping frost out in the freezer. Plastic supermarket bags are perfectly adequate. Now that we will all be running out of plastic supermarket bags, a compostable bag firmly secured on the outside of our perforated bag has worked well for us, as will a thick wrapping of news or other paper if well secured. If you're clearing out old tshirts and the like they can easily be used as wrapping. The point is to stop moisture getting in and forming ice.

  • Mark outer bag with the date it was put in the freezer so you can keep track and use the oldest first without having to unwrap it.

  • Whilst bread freezes very well, like most things, the sooner you use it the better it will be. We recommend that frozen bread is used within 4 months of freezing for optimum quality retention. 

  • Defrost naturally, unwrapped at cool room temperature, out of the sun   

  • Once defrosted, treat as for fresh bread

  • Do not refreeze previously frozen bread

Extra Tips for keeping your bread mould free in hot weather - applies especially to the Made without gluten offerinds, Four Seed and Hazel & Walnut breads;

  • Remove the bread from the bag ASAP as the area under the label is susceptible to becoming humid and it is there that mould often first forms
  • Store it in the warmest part of the fridge either in a brown paper bag, cooking paper or something similar which does not become 'clammy' or damp. Old fabric cloths from tshirts and the like work really well.
  • Slice and freeze either in individual slices or just in halves - be sure to wrap well in the freezer, our perforated bags do not work!
  • Pre order from your lovely local retailers so that they get it as fresh as possible or order in bulk online and freeze as soon as it arrives.