Is Everything Gluten free?

Is Everything Gluten Free?

NO!!!!! We are not a dedicated gluten free bakery. We make a range of products which ARE gluten free as well as those which are not.

The gluten free products are;

  • Buckwheat and Corn Breads
  • Cassava and Cassava  Fruit Breads
  • #LOWCARB Breads and Rolls
  • Crunchy Corn Crackers, including Tex Mex variety

The Bakers take extreme care to ensure separation between gluten and non gluten products by using dedicated equipment and manufacturing in a  specific way to avoid any cross contamination. We have a regular testing regime to check that the gluten freeproducts do not contain gluten.

However, we are a general bakery and not a laboratory. We use bread bags which are perforated and not airtight sealed because our bread is alive and needs to breathe. 

For those with extreme gluten intolerance / Coeliacs Disease general advice is to avoid any product which is not made in a dedicated gluten free plant. 

We are not a dedicated plant.