Are you Vegan, Vegetarian or what?

Vegan v Vegetarian

From January 2017 everything made in our bakery is Vegan. No animals are harmed in the production of our bread and the only ones 'tested' on are the feathered friends we feed any leftovers to. 

Previously, the starter which we used for the backferment breads - Four Seed and Hazel & Walnut - contained a minute amount of honey in their starter, which was itself a small part of the overall bread. We also used to toast the muesli with honey.

Now we use dates to sweeten the muesli and our bakers are make the starters without honey.

And of course there are no eggs or dairy in any of our products.

From the 1 November 2018 we have Vegan Certification for all our products which has been awared by the NZ Vegetarian Society. You can read about the accreditation programme here >>>>