COVID-19 UPDATE - MARCH 30th 2020

Baking update - 30th March 2019

As at 30th March we are operating with a reduced team.

Everyone is going as fast as they can and our number one priority is for staff to remain healthy and stay safe in their own bubbles. To do this we need to manage baking and packing activity.

We also consider that couriers are stretched very thinly. Easter is coming and 4 day weeks are always difficult to manage. Deliveries are often interrupted, even in normal times.

Ingredients are extra precious at the moment and we do not want our beautiful bread to be wasted due to delays in delivery, so we are restricting what and where we send to over the 2 short weeks.  

Week commencing 30th March

We are baking as usual

Week commencing 6th April =  Good Friday Week

Orders will be baked and sent out on Monday 6th only.

All orders need to be with us by 9am Friday 3rd April

Week commencing 13th April  = Easter Monday Week

This is always a very difficut week for couriers and one in which we always get many delays and non deliveries reported. Therefore we shall not be sending any orders to the North Island. 

SOUTH ISLAND ONLY orders will be baked and sent out on Wednesday 15th April

Orders need to be with us by 9am Thursday 9th April

Week commencing 20th April 

We intend to bake as usual. Review of the Alert Level 4 is due by Wednesday 22nd so we wait to see what the situation is then.

All contact by email only please

Packaging From 24 March 2020

Whilst we are in the COVID-19 emergency, all breads will be packed in plastic bags. We do not have the resources to hand wrap in paper at the present time. The perforated bags can be reused many times for chilled fruit and vegetable storage to increase life of fresh produce.

Dinkelbrot (Spelt bread)

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Our Dinkel loaf is made with 100% freshly milled spelt flour which produces a light coloured, fine textured bread with a slightly sweet, nutty flavour, naturally low in fat and carbs.

The unmodified nature of spelt makes it low in gluten and therefore can be suitable for those who have a wheat intolerance or allergy. It can can be even tolerated by some people who are normally gluten-intolerant.

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Spelt is the more common name for the wheat species Triticum Spelta.

Dinkel is the German name for the same grain, so our bread is called DINKEL and is made from Spelt flour.

It is an ancient grain, with archaeological evidence of it being found from 5BC. From the 18th century on more modern wheat varieties gradually gained popularity, almost completely replacing the use of Spelt as farming practises intensified and higher yielding varieties of wheat were developed.

These days people are taking a closer interest in the way our food is produced, what it contains and how it effects our health. In this environment many old fashioned foods are regaining popularity and Spelt is making a come back. At Breadman we were ahead of our time and have been making our Dinkel bread for years as it remained a traditional and popular bread in Germany.

The health benefits of Spelt are well documented but of special importance to many people is the fact that it contains lower levels of gluten than the more commonly used 'bread' wheat. This means that many people who need to or choose to reduce their gluten intake can eat spelt without any adverse effects.

Spelt has a high water solubility which means that our bodies can easily absorb its nutrients and it's special carbohydrate content (mucopolysaccharides) are important for blood clotting and stimulation of the immune system. It also contains high levels of B complex vitamins and fibre. The protein content is 10-25% higher than other commercial Bread wheats which has the effect of making you feel fuller after eating it - a great way to start the day and see you through to lunchtime.

Like all wheat, Spelt grows best in a hot dry climate and so it is not a crop that does well in New Zealand. We source our organic spelt via specialist organic importers and generally the Spelt we use is grown in Australia. It is always certified Organic and GE free. So when you eat Breadman Dinkel you can be assured that the ingredients have been grown ethically and sustainably, without the use of chemicals or fertilizers.