For Bakery Pick Up Orders

Use the Coupon Code PICKUP at Checkout for a 13% Discount on all products - except for LOWCARB Bread and Rolls, and Bakery Specials

Packaging From 24 March 2020

Whilst we are in the COVID-19 emergency, all breads will be packed in plastic bags.  The perforated bags can be reused many times for chilled fruit and vegetable storage to increase life of fresh produce.

Cracker Bits


Available occasionally - 500g bags of broken bits accumulated when packing.

These can be picked up from the shop. 

Email us if you are interested, incuding which type you like, and we will let you know when they are available.

Gluten Free - Corn, Tex Mex

Wheat Free - Pumpkin

Others - Herb, Mixed Seed, Pepper, Spelt