When is Organic Not Organic?

As the Breadman ORGANIC Bakery we have always prided ourselves on using certified organic ingredients. However, when one of our main suppliers Kiwi Organics, now 'BROADLANDS'  told us they we forgoing their organic certification it initially gave us some cause for concern.

We have bought ingredients, mostly corn, from Mike and Bridget for years and consider them to be a shining beacon or organic growing. Their beautiful propety in Tolaga Bay has a fantastic growing climate, although the they have suffered with the damage caused after the 2018 Queens Birthday rains. Google 'Tolaga Bay Floods 2018' if that sort of thing interests you. Be prepared to be annoyed...

Whilst they are no longer officially organic certified, Broadlands still grow to the high standards they always have. As food makers, one of the most important factors for us and many people we talk to at food shows, customer research etc. is being able to eat food that is grown and manufactured in New Zealand, and that it's fresh. Many of the certified organic ingredients you can buy in New Zealand are imported from China, South America, Asia. People don't always know this, or take into account the cost and food miles of import. The companies we use to verify overseas organic certification are both of excellent reputation and assure us that their organic ingredients are genuine and properly certified. But that may not be the case for every import.

The advantage of buying locally grown ingredients are many, and for Broadlands natural products in particular include

  • Product is grown and manufactured in New Zealand by a family business, using traditional farming practices.

  • All products are free of gluten, lactose and nuts.

  • Natural (free of GE, GMO, residues and pesticides), product tests in the lab as '100% organic' and free of residues. 

  • 100% product traceability: The vertically integrated business means that all maize/corn products are 100% grown, harvested and manufactured by Broadlands in NZ. They 100% guarantee this. 

  • No food miles or preservatives needed for international import/export 

  • Chilled climate controlled storage facility used (as opposed to using pesticides, which is what most grain companies use to store product as it's cheaper).

  • All products are grown on the sunny East Coast of Gisborne in Tolaga Bay, which has the best sunshine hours for corn to reach it's maximum potential of nutrition.  

  • The Parker family have been farming in Tolaga for over 60 years, Mike is a winner of "Organic Farmer of the Year, New Zealand"

  • All products are milled fresh to order.  

So whilst you won't see the 'Certified Organic' stamp on Broadlands corn, we hope you are as assured as we are that  their farming methods and natural means of production are as good as anything you can get anywhere in the world. 

Our relationship with the Parkers goes back many years and we are proud to support such a fantastic family business. 

Mike and Bridget Parker