Bread with a purpose from the start

The Breadman Organic Bakery was created by Steffan Klink in Nelson in 1993 when he moved to New Zealand from Germany. In the intervening 28 years the demand for delicious, healthy and locally baked breads has just kept increasing - even before 'organic' became the fashion it is now. 

The bakery is now based in Sydenham, Christchurch and has held true to the ethos of nearly 30 years ago. While Steffan no longer works in the business, the team continue to bake and develop these unique German breads, crackers and muesli that Steffan created. 

Doing good in a world of businesses driven by profit before people & planet

Our ethical beliefs put people before profit and we think of "sustainability" as dealing with like minded growers, suppliers, retailers and internal team. We buy locally wherever we can, partly to minimise our carbon footprint but mostly because we like to support local communities and small growers. We can't always buy Kiwi grown but we will always look for it as a preference and buy it unless there simply isn't supply

Because we use high quality ingredients we will never be the cheapest bread. There is a significant increased cost to using organic ingredients, however we are confident that we do not charge any more than is necessary and are fiscally responsible to manage a well run, safe and sustainable bakery. 

Loyal customers and word-of-mouth recommendations help us to grow incrementally and our customers tell us that they are concerned about what they eat and value the high quality and health benefits that our products provide.

Our philosophy - Ethical, sustainable, organic & local

At The Breadman we have been practising this from the beginning in 1993.

What we do is to run our business along rather old fashioned principles. That's the sort of people we are. The sort of things we do are:

  • Put our people first - We believe that bakers are artisans and they need to be happy in their work to make the best products. Bread is a living thing and the best bread is baked by people who care about their creations.
  • Bake only what we need - We bake to order to minimise waste and returns. Anything spare goes to the Christchurch Food Bank

  • Packaged right - Packaging is simple and the minimum we can use for food safety reasons, and we pack everything by hand - no big fancy machines, so every loaf and cracker has been individually inspected by a human - how's that for quality control?! Of course, being human does mean the occasional mistake happens, but that is part of the deal ...

  • Source product based on people and the planet - Our purchasing decisions are made based on locality, type of business (we try to deal with like-minded people), quality, and finally price. It's all very well being high-minded about these things but part of our philosophy is also that our products need to be realistically priced for many to afford - we aren't into price-gouging or cashing in for the sake of it. When you consider that organic ingredients are generally AT LEAST twice as costly as non organic, we believe our breads are fairly priced. Consider that next time you are looking at the pricing of some of the bigger commercial bakeries 'specialty' products.

  • Love local, invest in certified international organic brands - Local growers are the life blood of New Zealand and we love knowing where our ingredients really come from. Organic is a tag put on so much these days and we don't have the time or resources to go and check out every product from overseas that makes the organic claim. So we try to make sure we know the provenance of our ingredients where ever we can. We use New Zealand's leading wholesale organic traders Ceres Organics and Davis Trading

  • We listen to our customers - and they aren't shy about letting us know what they think! We are constantly getting emails and calls to keep us on our toes and make sure we stay in tune with what people want. If you have something to say about us, good, bad or ugly, then please, get in touch.