Ordering and Shipping

We bake to order, so please order in plenty of time

We bake your bread just for you and the traditional methods we use take time.

Doughs are prepared the day before so we need to know what we are baking 2 days before it is to be sent out.


Therefore we need to have orders by midday on a Friday for sending out Monday the following week.

Latest order for same week delivery is Monday 9.45am to send out bread on Wednesday. 

Orders are only sent out on Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday so that they arrive before the weekend.

If you have an urgent order please mention this when ordering on line or email/call us so we can confirm delivery schedule.Otherwise we will send out as soon as possible whilst avoiding potential weekend delays.

Freight is $5.00 for orders up to 8kg - this means 8kg of products and can be any mix of breads, crackers or muesli.

$6.00 for additional boxes of up to 8kgs each.



For Towns and Cities throughout New Zealand - NOT rural or country areas

There a freight charge of $5 for a box not exceeding 8kg of product.

This can be made up of any mix of breads, crackers and muesli and the box size you receive is approximately the same as a wine case.

For orders bigger than 8kg, each extra box is charged at an additional $6.00 and can contain up to 8kg each.

If you have any questions about freight cost, just email us or call before you submit your order. 

We did try free freight but too many orders came through for just a single loaf, so that didn't work when the courier cost is $5.50 plus GST plus the actual cost of packing materials. 


Rural deliveries only go out on a Monday as they can take up to 4 days to arrive, so we need your order by midday on the Friday before at the very latest..

$5 freight only applies to cities and towns which couriers do not consider to be in rural areas. That isn't the same a NZ Post rural definitions.If in doubt contact us before ordering. All rural deliveries are charged at $12 per box, maximum 8kg of product per box.

You can check our couriers rural delivery areas by using their RURAL FINDER here

We will not be responsible for orders which are delayed by the couriers so if at all possible rural orders should be delivered to a non rural address such as a friend or workplace.

Please only get deliveries to your rural address if you are confident of your local service and that they are reliable. A few days delay on non-perishable goods is generally of no consequence but in the case of bread is likely to cause it to be mouldy on arrival. Bread HATES being kept in warn dark conditions, but mould loves it. So if it has to wait around in the dark of a box in a courier van or warehouse, it is highly likely that mould will quickly develop. 


Crackers can be sent to Australia. They are sent with the standard postal service and will take around 10 days to arrive.

Orders of 10 packets of crackers fit in a box for a cost of NZ$35.00. You can mix and mix any of the cracker varieties.

We are not sending SNACKERS to Australia, just crackers.

Select Australia option at freight option.